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Making Knitting Possible

I believe in demystifying knitting and crocheting.

Knitting is not rocket's just yarn and a couple of sticks!

I adapt my teaching to my students' style of learning because when it comes to knitting...there is no one "right" way. Doing what works for you is just fine.

I observe my students struggling to discover what part of knitting they do not understand. MY job is to help them see the problem and the solution in a way that makes sense to them.

I had a student who admitted that over the years she has had several people show her how to cast-on and she never understood it until I showed her how.

One little girl couldn't remember all the steps for making a stitch. So I had her make up a story. Her story went like this: "The hamster peeks out of the cage. You lasso him. He goes back into his cage. And he runs away."

I try to instill confidence to get my students to try new things (other than another scarf). I encourage people to think "outside of the box". All things are subject to interpretation that's what makes a project uniquely yours.

And most important of all...I share my passion for knitting and all things yarn.

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